Homeland Towers provides municipalities with the ability to comprehensively cover the communication needs of the community. Homeland Towers performs a full assessment of the state of wireless communications in any municipality through the measurement of existing wireless coverage, and performs an in-depth qualification process to identify objectively good candidates for the placement of wireless communications facilities.

This approach gives municipalities:

  • Control and Leverage over Siting Issues
  • Increased Public and Personal Safety
  • Improved Technology Backbone
  • Increased Revenue

Our services include…

  • Assessment of Public & Commercial Communication Needs
  • Catalog of all Government & Quasi-Government properties
  • Develop a Comprehensive Wireless Plan
  • Leasing Services
  • Full Range of Aesthetic and Landscaping Options
  • All FAA and FCC Site Compliance Services
  • Testing and Review of Soil Conditions
  • Perform all Environmental Reviews
  • Management of Permitting Process
  • Complete Construction Services
  • Site Management & Maintenance
  • Site Marketing

Private Landlords

“We work with Landlords to maximize the value of their properties.”

In addition to developing municipal properties for wireless infrastructure, we also look to develop private properties. When there are no municipal, quasi-government or not-for-profit properties available for the development of wireless infrastructure we look for the most appropriate private property.

This approach gives private landlords:

  • Full Range of Aesthetic and Landscaping Options
  • Management of Zoning & Approval Process
  • Control over Site Design
  • Complete Construction Services
  • Site Management and Maintenance
  • All FAA and FCC Site Compliance Services
  • Testing and Review of Soil Conditions
  • Perform all Environmental Reviews

If you believe you may have an appropriate property for wireless infrastructure development, please contact [email protected] with your property information.

Cellular Carriers

“Our goal is to create a customer experience that exceeds industry expectations by developing strategic sites that noticeably improve wireless service.”

Homeland Towers actively pursues objectively good and appropriate sites to lease and develop wireless infrastructure.

Homeland Towers offers the following Advantages and Services to Cellular Carriers:

  • Reduced Cost – We can reduce your capital cost by providing collocation opportunities eliminating the additional expenses usually associated with raw land builds.
  • Resources – Our management experience and structure ensures efficient and effective leasing and zoning. This allows you to expend carrier site acquisition resources in a more flexible and efficient manner to better meet the ever changing needs of your projects and the overall wireless industry.
  • Speed – Our unique approach and management will considerably reduce the timeframe for project development.
  • Difficult Areas – Our municipal approach gives you the best opportunities to solve tough siting issues.

We are your solution.


Homeland Towers enables Public Safety Interoperability, giving public safety officials the ability to share information via voice & data on-demand in real-time.

Today, interoperability is rarely available. Governments and public safety agencies are developing interoperable networks, but unfortunately, their efforts are being significantly delayed by current deficiencies in wireless infrastructure. We work with municipalities to develop the infrastructure needed to eventually deploy these new technologies and networks to make our communities safer.

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Your Safety

Good Wireless infrastructure brings new technologies and applications such as:

  • Enhanced 911: tracing the location of the 911 caller to within a few feet of the caller.
  • Reverse 911: a system that allows the government to broadcast critical information and instructions to wireless phones in the event of an emergency.
  • Wireless Amber Alerts: an alert throughout your community when there is an abduction with information updates.
  • New Devices Geared Toward Children And Vulnerable Adults: offer location tracking, two button combination for 911 and one-touch dialing to caregiver and telehealth services.